BitMinutes – Social investing in underbanked communities

It’s the end of the year giving season. So maybe you’re looking for one last small or big social investment to top off the year’s good deals and deeds. What if you could enable profitable micro loans to billions of underbanked people around the world? What if the loans were based on building credit scores through community trust to minimize the ristk of default and build community? BitMinutes is a pre-ICO social investment offering that accomplishes this.

BitMinutes is unique among today’s growing numbers of ICO’s. Most ICO’s are raising funds to buildout their platforms, so the money is at technical implementation risk as well as market and business risk. BitMinutes is already built! The vast majority of its ICO funds are going to make micro loans, not to building and testing software and new products. On January 1, 2018, when the ICO begins, BitMinutes will already be prepared to start funding loans in 70 countries around the globe.

You can create a wallet to invest with BitMinutes in just seconds. There is a nice low $1,000 minimum, and you can invest at the pre-ICO discount of 25% until January 1 when the ICO begins. Click here to begin

So why am I inviting you to join? I’m a proud BitMinutes affiliate. I’ve been friends with the founder, Tom Meredith, since we were in high school. He’s a Stanford engineering graduate with a Harvard MBA and I’m proud of what he has achieved and to join him now in this important social investing enterprise. Please message me for more information or go to to find out for yourself something you can be proud of investing in at the end of 2017.