Business Models

Growth & Business Scenario Modeling 

Why we do it: Understanding growth, competition, cash requirements, and all the needs of your business as you work your strategies can be complex, especially in a tough competitive or new market. You test all the different ways of entering, growing, and defending in your markets and estimate your needs. But if you don’t have and evolve a full business model your strategic thinking process will be slower and less accurate than that of your competitors.

How we do it: We create a financial view as the outcome of one or more market views.  This puts you in control of cash flow, capital needs and budgets. As we build the model with you, we think through and test different market access modes than you are already in, and different ways of viewing your current mode.  The outer layer of your new model is focused on your market entry and growth points, while the inner layer focuses on capital planning, human resources, operations, valuation, and more.

Outcomes: Models help us think. Through them we expand pathways to achieving long term goals; increase control over short term operations; and gain clearer understanding of key performance values that drive our ventures.

Lloyd’s, the UK insurance giant, classifies the necessity of our type of business modeling in their public report, “Risk Management Toolkit Section 11 – Stress & Scenario Testing”. But we are after more than risk management. We express the economics of and test business strategies for expanding products and services.

Build, test, and maintain a flexible far thinking living breathing business plan.

Financial & Cash
> Consolidating
> Growth Budgeting
> Re-organizations
> Acquisitions/Mergers/Valuation

Human Resources
> Compensation & Incentives
> Organizational Growth

Market Competition
> Growth Penetration
> Global Strategy
> Local Strategy

Manufacturing Processes
> Factory flow
> Capacity Planning
> Inventory Planning
> Information Systems

Scenario Testing
> Custom Variable & Test Development
> Front End Dash-boarding

> Using your model
> Customizing your model

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