Cryptocurrency Markets & pre-ICO Action

The action is heating up significantly for the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.  Not only have more than 1,000 groups put up trading exchanges, but thousands of startup companies have been pouring themselves into the mix.  Some of them live to service the rapidly expanding virtual coin markets with software and consumer convenience.  Some seek their first round of capital for their startup products and platforms.   Most of you know by now that companies raising capital on cryptocurrency exchanges perform what is akin to an unregulated IPO, an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).  In the pre-ICO period, companies often offer their coins at a deep pre-ICO discount.  The money seems to be pouring into the exchanges at an increasing rate, with daily trading volume likewise increasing, and an increasing number of successful ICO’s.   Is Bitcoin king?  According to, today the top 100 cryptocurrencies make up 98% and the top 12, 90%, and the top dog (Bitcoin) 56%, of a $345 billion market cap on cryptocurrency ventures. Market Cap of Trading Crypto’s, according to

This data comes from 384 cryptocurrency related market trading platforms.   Other such markets with no fees or limited listings are excluded.

We can see from examining the data that Bitcoin will soon be overtaken by the influx of tremendous new capital from 100’s of new entrants.  The past 30 days alone have seen 50 who made it to active exchange trading status shown by

So what’s really happening?  Why such an explosion in capital and value?  How far will it go?  Will there be a bubble that bursts sooner than later? Perhaps some of you are able to help answer these questions far more knowledgeably than I.  But what I can say looking at this market is that it is frothy with real and interesting opportunities.  Consider this market as an individual investor with $10k-$100k to put at high risk.  You can find amongst pre-ICO’s opportunities to pre-invest at up to 50% off the ICO price. This gives you a huge value uplift if the company has a successful ICO in this bull market.  And there seems to be more than enough information amongst 100’s of new entrants to do some good market risk analysis and to be able to cull the obvious poseurs. Two great places for sourcing the data you may need to research ICO startups are, and  Following are some of the one liner concepts for the 120+ pre-ICO’s that will launch in the next 30 days alone. Feast your eyes upon the breadth of ideas covered.  Something that fits your risk profile and interest may very well be in there, now, or in the days to come.

Many of you will already know that each new ICO comes along with a “white paper”, a public pre-ICO document that is a kind of thorough business plan and voluntary disclosure document.  Herein lies the data for assessing the risk as you look across this wildcat group.   My personal favorite upcoming ICO? BitMinutes.  I’m partial to Bitminutes for a few key reasons.  First, they are following US and International banking regulations.  Second, their platform and product are already built and they have revenue.  Third, their main product supports micro-lending to unbanked entrepreneurs in 70 countries through a unique and compelling channel distribution plan.  Fourth, I know and can personally vouch for the background and abilities of BitMinutes CEO, Tom Meredith, a Stanford engineer with a Harvard MBA.  Read their ICO White Paper here as a well executed example of the data and information you can expect to find in White Papers. Just as a reminder: You can find many more ICO white papers at, and you can follow all the post-ICO action on  For more of my own research and analysis on ICO’s and cryptocurrency markets, please contact me through my LinkedIn page. Happy ICO hunting!