Growth Readiness

Before you hire an outsource or fractional CFO, COO, or consultant executive, make sure you have taken these three important steps:

  1. Accounting & Systems Review – Does your data reflect your business properly? Is your chart of accounts well organized to make readable reports? Is your CRM generating data on your backlog that can be used for budgeting and projections?
  2. Monthly Budgeting – Is your budget process tied to your systems data? Do you update it monthly? Is the process seamless? Do your executives participate?
  3. Scenario Projections – Can you look out across a 5 year span and see the future of your business? Is your strategy clear? Do you know how much capital is required?

At AlwaysLiveOnline we believe these important 3 steps should be taken before you expand your team with a fractional CFO resource. Why? Because it will make that consultant way more effective. In fact, it will make you more effective too. Be in the know before you decide who and what you need. Be in control.

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